One – day tour – Hutovo Blato and Kravice waterfall


One – day tour – Hutovo Blato and Kravice waterfall

Departure in the morning – 8 o’clock a.m. from Sarajevo or any other city at your will

One of the richest ornithological reservations, nature Park Hutovo Blato, located southern from Mostar, is the true oasis for the bird lovers, ornithologists. The place itself, has been mentioned since ancient times as a special habitat for numerous animal and herbal species. In Hutovo Blato lives more than 160 kinds of birds, at least 20 kinds of fish, and more than 600 herbal species.
Bird watching, or ornithology is one of the main attractions of the Park. What is a characteristic is that this is one of the greatest reservations of the kind in this part of Europe. Bird watchers mustn’t miss this natural jewell, and the tourists can enjoy in an untouched nature through the photo-safari. And above all of this, you can taste domestic, autochthonous dishes like polenta, brudet, grilled eel, carp, frog bats, homemade prosciutto, cheese, with organic vegetables and famous herzegovinian wines,žilavka and blatina, in our rich gastro-offer of herzegovinian cuisine.

Kravice waterfall is located on the Trebižat river, in the place called Studenci, nearby Ljubuški. The waterfall is 28 metres high, and 120 metres wide. Kravice waterfall is nearby Međugorje, famous Catholic shrine, visited by many pilgrims from all around the world every year. This place is perfect for holiday and enjoyment in the beauties of nature. It is often said that this waterfall is one of the jewells of Bosnia and Herzegovina. But this place of an unusual beauty is more than that, it’s the place where all of your senses can enjoy, the untouched part of the nature, attracting large number of visitors.

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