Visit Konjic , Jablanica, Mostar, Blagaj, Počitelj


Trip starts from Sarajevo, or the city you want, at 8­:00 o’clock a.m.

Herzegovina is a Bosnian California, warm, sunny and phenomenal for visit and pleasure. By traveling with our agency Feel Bosnia, you will enjoy in the sunbathed areas and breath-taking landscape. You will feel kindness and hospitality of a Herzegovinian host and you can be sure that you will come again, because who comes to Herzegovina once, will come back again.

Konjic is a beautiful town situated on the river Neretva, it’s an „and“ between Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s a town of good hosts, hospitable and cordial people, who will welcome you with wide opened hands and great hospitability. The town is surrounded by the greatest and impressive mountain massives: Prenj (2101 m), Bjelašnica (2067 m), and Bitovnja (1744 m), on which you can enjoy in hiking, hunting, safari, or simple in refreshing and purifying walk. One of the main atractions in


Konjic is rafting on the Neretva river, breath-taking emerald beauty. Konjic beautifies Stara Ćuprija (Old Bridge), built in 1682 and destroyed on March, 3rd 1945, on the eve of liberation of the town, rebuilt in 2009. Konjic itself is a multiethnic ambience, recognizable after many sacral buildings and temples.
Jablanica. Battle for the woundeds took place in the World War II, when the town was liberated from the enemies. The main exhibit is destroyed railway bridge with improvised wooden bridge. There’s a Partisan cemetery nearby, and on the other bank of the Neretva river is an authentic bunker.

Mostar got its name after „mostari“, bridge guardians. Through the city runs the Neretva river, on whose banks was built famous Old Bridge which overpasses the river in a high arc, so it’s often called „the stone crescent“.

A place of an oddly and unusual beauty with one of the most beautiful springs in Europe, famous spring of the Buna river. The place is rich with historical facts and it is an intersection of the visitors from around the world.
A special story is a dervish sufi-house, on the Buna river, atractive cultural-historic monument, built around 1520, in which you’ll be able to feel peace and calm of old times, and in the same time enjoy in one of the most visited places in Herzegovina. The place itself, is a peace oasis and natural harmony, and for centuries it is a place for prayer and meditation, where in a special ritual dervishes have performed „zikr“ (glorification of God). Dervish sufi-house is a national monument of BiH and a jewel of a religious tourism. Blagaj is also well-known after the famous blagaj trout, which lives in the Buna river. You can easily taste it in one of the Blagaj restaurants around by the Buna river. You’ll inhale clean air and drink the most beautiful and the most pure water in the world.


Počitelj blisters in all of its shine and attracts numerous tourists from all around the world. The oldest art colony is in Počitelj, in Gavrankapetović’s House.

We will finish this tour in the evening.

This will be a great experience and one unforgettable day.

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