Travnik and Jajce - Day Tour



The tour starts from Sarajevo, or the city at your will. Departure at 8 a.m.

Travnik is the town situated in the heart of Bosnia, on the banks of beautiful river Lašva, known as a Vezir town. Sank in the greenery of the mountain landscape, washed up by the waters of the golden river Lašva, and clear streams of the mountain rapids.
In the 18th century, a poet from Mostar, Bulbulija, said about Travnik: „In Travnik man cleans of the rust from his heart, its water and air humors the soul.“
With our guides you’ll visit beautiful cultural-historic places such as Stari Grad Castle with its ethnographic collection, souvenir-shop and amphitheater, as well as famous Jeni and Sulejmanija mosque. Tour of the Travnik is incomplete if you don’t visit Plava voda as main Travnik attraction, and it is recommended to end the visit by enjoying ćevapi from Travnik, Vlašić cheese, trout from the Ugar river, Lutvo’s coffee and cold Travnik waters. It is the city in which you can fully enjoy and than set off towards the beautiful royal town Jajce.
Imagine that you will visit Vezir and Royal town in just one day. That’s possible only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, country rich with natural beauty and history.


Royal town with which its citizens are proud of. Its citizens say that their town is a Museum under the clear sky, and that makes them very proud.
It stands out after its historic, cultural, archeological, natural and touristic sights, which all make Jajce very attractive for visitors, special and cosy place.
In the centre of the town there is a famous breathtaking waterfall, from which the visitors can’t get their eyes off. That’s the place where river Pliva flows into Vrbas river, and where its water falls from 20 m high tuff cascade,and it is placed among 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is assumed that the waterfall appeared 50.000 years ago. Upstream from Jajce there are Pliva lakes. With certainty we can say that the lakes are „heaven on Earth“ and a calm for the soul… Rich with water and fish, the lakes attract hikers, fishermen and tourists. Visitors can enjoy in kayaking and canoeing, fishing, enjoy the grill,riding a bike, hiking, playing football, volleyball, or having a good lunch in the restaurant on the coast. Five kilometres from Jajce, between the Great and the Little lake, there is an „exotic colony“, unusual dwellings that captures with its look and takes us back into some past times and life – the water mills.

Their origins are from the middle ages, and there is 20 of them altogether, although there used to be more. They were built in an old-fashion manner, from the oak tree and covered with shingle. They were declared a national monument, with the Pliva Lakes, in 2009. Unfortunately, in 2011, four of them were burnt down in a planted fire, later rebuilt.

There are 28 national monuments in Jajce: 13th century Castle, King’s tomb in which is burried the last Bosnian King, Stjepan Tomašević in 1463, Saint Mary’s Church from the 12th or 13th century, Saint Luke’s tower from the 15th century, Saint Catherine’s Church on Katina, built by Katarina Kotromanić, little church of Saint John in Podmilačje from the 15th century, Catacombs built by Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, Sinan-bey’s or Okića Mosque, built in 1689, Esma Sultanim Mosque for building of which is connected very tragic and unusual story. Sultana was married to a Bosnian Vezir Mehmed-paša Muhsinović and she ordered building the mosque in 1753. She was ill and was told that she will recover if she builds a mosque where two rivers become one. Unfortunate Sultana did that, paying the mosque’s building with her earring. She did not lived enough to see the mosque, but the elegance and the beauty of the building keep the memory of her and her tragic fate.

29th November 1943, there was the Second Assembly of AVNOJ in Jajce, in which was built the foundation of SFRJ. The birth of Yugoslavia in Jajce, is a socialist pendant to royal capital from the Middle Ages. Jajce Fortress is the biggest and the hardest in Bosnia, so the great conqueror, Sultan Mehmed El-Fatih didn’t succeed to win it, not even he conquered entire Bosnia. It resisted the Ottomans for 65 years and it was built in 4 stages to strengthen it.
-Duration-All day

-Licensed guide
-Car or Van
– Petrol
-Discount for bigger groups

Tour price is: 65€ per person / At least 2 persons for the tour


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