Sarajevo City Hal, most known as Vijećnica is located in the city of Sarajevo at Bascarsija on Mustaj pasha`s mejdan and it represents the most beautiful and the most representative building from

Austro­-Hungarian period, built in pseudo­Moorish style. Most buildings left in Sarajevo after  Austro-­Hungarian rule were built in this style, synonym for Austro­-Hungarian period in B&H: logo of that age. The project was overseen by Alexander Wittek, who had proposed his Pseudo Moorish design – the perfect architectural unity of East and West – for the future seat of the city’s government.

Since it first opened on April 20, 1896, the building has become the most important symbol of Sarajevo and is featured as an iconic motif in many photographs of the city. After World War II, Vijećnica became home to the National and University Library of BiH.